Thursday night (I realize it’s now officially Friday), I was blessed to attend a New Life Fine Arts musical production of Ruth. Ruth is one of my absolute favorite parts of the Bible (I named a daughter after Naomi, Ruth’s mother-in-law),* and one of the most deeply moving and touching illustrations of God’s plan of redemption offered to all people.

This musical adaptation (click here for a brief audio sample) provides a detailed, convincing, and highly engrossing presentation. Although there are a few necessary artistic liberties taken in expanding the Biblical story, only one detail seems slightly overdone, and the rest of of it never departs from the plausable.

The story opens with a monologue by the prophet Samuel. The first major scene is in the city of Bethlehem, during the height of a severe famine. The people’s reaction to what they were going through was immediately engrossing, and convinced me this would be more than just a superficial retelling. The characters were self-consistent and varied, the story dealt with the racial tension between Israel and Moab, and the varied attitudes toward strangers in the two lands. I was teary-eyed at least half a dozen times over the course of the evening.

The sets were ingeniously designed, the staging was well choreographed, and to call the music beautiful would be an understatement. See this musical if you have a chance. You will be moved and blessed.

The production has four more shows at the Chevalier Theater in Medford, Ma: one Friday night at 7:30, two on Saturday, and an afternoon show on Sunday.

*I realize that Ruth is, perhaps, the greater of the two main female characters in the story of Ruth, but I have always found the way the name Naomi sounds to be endearing. See the discussion around my daughter Naomi’s name (and middle name) on this post and its comments.

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  1. I wholeheartedly agree about what Doug said regarding being blessed to have had the opportunity to see the musical production of “Ruth.”

    It truly touched my heart, too. Friday night Doug told me that he was going to take me to see it on Saturday, seeing that I missed seeing it with him Thursday night. Doug and I went to see it together, and what an amazing performance it was!!! The music blew me away; their voices left me breathless. I was truly touched at how amazingly good the performances were. I’m not sure how often the play Ruth is done each year or where else they may put it on, but I’d go back for their next performance, if at all possible, and I hope to bring others with us. We signed up to get their CD (when it is issued), so I’m eagerly awaiting that to come.

    At the end of the play we had the opportunity to meet a few of the actors, one was the man who played Boaz and we spoke to him for a bit, the other was Boaz’s youngest son, and also the person who played Ruth.

    Again, if you haven’t seen the performance, please go the next time they put on this musical. I was teary-eyed, too, throughout the play, more at times depending on what was taking place.

    MJ, thanks for watching the kids so Doug and I could have some time together, too.

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