NaNi (Naomi Nichelle) will be two years old in two days! I can’t believe how much she has changed in the past month. Her speech, which was just getting past the R2-D2 phase a month ago, is now exploding with sentences and more complex thoughts, and with more new words every day than we can list.

Every morning when one of us goes to get Naomi out of her crib (surprisingly, she hasn’t climbed out of it yet), she will not even say hello, but asks for the other parent. If I go in, her greeting is, “Where’s Mommy?” If Nichelle goes in, her greeting is, “Where’s Daddy?” Last Sunday Nichelle and I decided to go in together to see what her reaction would be. She wouldn’t say a word, not even hi.

Today Naomi received a birthday card from Grandma Wilcox, and it contained a $5 bill. She was excited to get mail. (Nichelle sang the “Mail Time” song from Blue’s Clues.) As Naomi opened the card, she saw the $5 bill, grabbed it, held it up to her face, gave it a hug, and then gave it a kiss. Yikes!

Nichelle had fun creating—and has fun maintaining—NaNi’s classic beaded hairstyle.

As for me, I’m keeping my shotgun in good order. Those boys will be coming to the door any day now; I want to be ready.

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  1. Doug,
    With your anti-boy shotgun, which do you think is more important: The stopping power of a double barrel, the intimidation of a pump, or the multiple round capability of a semi-auto?

    Just curious.

  2. Nothing says, “I love my daughter, and you’d best pay attention to that,” quite like the sound of a 12-gauge being hand-cocked.

  3. Within a couple of days of Naomi getting her birthday card from Grandma Wilcox she also received a card from my Mom and family and also from her Aunt Cindy–she was also “very” happy to get those cards and the lovely green stuff inside. 😉

    One day last week after I picked up the kids from school, one of the boys asked about going to Walmart. Naomi immediatetely piped in, “Walmart, I go to Walmart, too,” with her sweetest little voice and tilted head to give her extra words extra meaning.

    When I tell Naomi that I need to do her hair, she automatically chimes in, “beads”. She does awesome sitting there so I can get it done too. For a two year old, having to sit for over an hour for me to do her hair, she does amazingly well. She has things to play with, a show to watch and she also helps by giving me the beads to put in her hair.

  4. YES! she is adorable!! And she shares a birhtday with my Megan. She is 9 though!! VERY CUTE indeed! thanks for sharing it!

  5. When you mentioned the shotgun I was reminded of what we used to use. We had an emasculator for castrating ram lambs that we kept on top of the refrigerator. We were always sure to point it out to any new guys that wanted to take Beth out. 😉 [Jen, you & Phil might want to try this in a few years. We still have it!]

    The hair beads also brings Beth to mind. We had her hair braided in rows for fun when we were in Jamaica. I almost died when I saw the lady take out a little pair of scissors and trim all the loose ends sticking out. Seeing how Beth’s hair does not have the texture or curl necessary for decent looking braids, you can imagine how many “ends” got cut! Yes, yes…it took a looong time to grow out her hair evenly after that. But it was a cool look to try…once!

  6. Too funny! Yes, that’s much better than a shotgun! Sign us up on the “to borrow” list.

    Hmm. Jen and Phil have six children. You weren’t implying this might be needed in another context, were you?

  7. HAHAHAHA!!! That is funny, Don’t worry Doug we have already had that taken care of! LOL…

    Still laughing!!

    Thanks for that I needed it today!!

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