Moving, walking, running … little things for some, but not to me …

How wonderful it was to wake up yesterday morning feeling no pain and being energerized!

This week in school for the elementary grades is “spirit week.” Each day the kids get to dress up according to the predetermined selection of ideas. “Hats, glasses and slipper day” was yesterday, and today was mixed-match day. Yesterday, I was able to run downstairs and lie on the floor looking for stuff under their beds, helping the kids locate items that were deep underneath. That, of course, is a big deal. And I was able to get back up without help. On Sunday night, although in some pain, I was able to help Isaac make a meat eating plant (pitcher plant) for costume day. You’ll see the outcome [Doug: Pictures coming tonight.] and he won second place, too. I was thankful that I was able to do that with him, too. David was a fireman, and he had the costume for that, easy work there. Today being mixed-match day, the kids needed assistance buttoning up their clothes backwards, wearing weird ties, suspenders and a bow tie, I believe from the 70’s. Ah, the ties may have been from that era as well. [Doug: I’ve kept a couple of boxes of “costume stuff” for the past nearly two decades. Weird ties are easy to find at any thrift store.] It was great fun. Doug did take pictures of their final results, and I’m sure will get the pictures posted soon. [Doug: Nag, nag, nag …] I’m still feeling well, too.

On one of the days that I was unable to get the kids from school, Isaac and David were eager to watch a new movie that Doug had bought for Isaac the night before, and Naomi joined them. John hung out with me, and we talked for—what I was amazed at—the entire length of the movie. We were just talking about a lot of things/issues. It was great to spend that length of time with him and hearing what God is showing him. What a blessing.

After Naomi got up this morning, I went and sat down with her in her room and just had a praise and worship time in song. I sing along with CDs that we have, but I haven’t just belted out song after song by memory in such a long time. How I long to be back in choir again and singing specials, but for now, I pray the songs continue to come back to memory again, so such a time or praise can be had again.

Something else I was able to do was play with Naomi yesterday in the backyard with her on the swingset/gym set with the monkeybars and “clubhouse.” She is now able to climb completely up to the clubhouse and get down without help. That part is at least 7 feet high. That’s pretty impressive climbing skill for a 2 1/2 yr. old. [Doug: You should see her climb down the center of the ladder assembly; she hoists herself on both arms, legs flailing, and pretends-screaming.] Naomi also for the first time yesterday used the monkeybars. I was under her, of course, for assistance if necessary. She was able to do three rungs by herself. Oh, she also scales the poles on the indoor gym equipement we have. Her upper body strength is amazing, too. I think Doug took pictures of those. [Doug: I have video of the clubhouse climb, but no pictures.]

Doug again, has been amazingly helpful and quite busy. Doing all he can for us. He joked with me that God has blessed me with all the grace. He’s given it to each of us in different ways and I can see that in the kids and in Doug. They have each had to go through a lot, and with more to come, a couple of good days so far, but…. Many people will say, “I don’t know how you can do it,” and that can be said to each person in my family—but the answer is the same, in my eyes anyway. It’s by God’s grace and that alone. For the kids to go about and do things, at times for themselves or just with little help, not having a Mom to do the typical Mom things I once did, can be hard, and the same goes for Doug. The things he’s taken on and does great with are excellent.

This past Saturday, Phil was up visiting and he and Doug went out in search of a new TV. [Doug: We weren’t really searching; I’d already done the research via Consumer Reports and a number of other online product reviews. Conclusion: The 34″ Sony WEGA HDTV is amazing, and, although smaller, exceeds plasma TVs by a huge amount in quality, at a much, much cheaper price.] They found one and it’s awesome. I got to operate it yesterday for the first time. Hadn’t been out of my room since Sunday, except to get a couple of things and then return. It’s also been great seeing Steve Deyesso again, too. He was around one day early enough to pick up the kids for me. David remembered his face, but couldn’t come up with the name. Naomi played the shy girl for a while, but finally came around. Now when he visits, she’s her typical sweet self and goes right to him.

I thank God and praise Him for the grace and strength He has given through this illness and again thank the many of you who have helped for your care, many prayers, and for the assistance you given.

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  1. Nichelle,

    It’s soooo good when you’re feeling well! I am so so happy for you all. I do hope it lasts.

    Did you do something different to feel tihs way, or did it just happen?

    As for Nani’s climbing antics… typical Wilcox child!

    I love you guys very much!

  2. Mark,

    Thank you. I haven’t done anything different. All is the same, you just never know what’s going to happen. Ask Doug, when he asks me how I’m doing and I say, “great”, he’s at a loss for words. So here’s praying for another great day. Love you guys, too. Naomi has been talking about Uncle Mark a lot recently and I’m not sure what triggered that, but it’s still sweet. She obviously remembers you, which is a great thing seeing how much time has gone by since our last visit. Ah, your website…I check it often and she’s there with me, too. Funny, thing I was going through photos last night for one of Isaac’s projects and I came across several pictures of you when you lived with us. The ones that stood out the most was of Isaac watching the lobsters on the floor and also of you pointing at the magnets on the fridge that you spelled out for Isaac to say, “Uncle Mark is cool”,while holding him on your lap. Fun memories.

    Yes, Naomi is a typical Wilcox child without a doubt.

  3. From Nichelle, The Sarcastic One (via IM):

    Doug: Take it easy.

    Nichelle: I will, the only thing I want to do today is mow the backyard and paint Isaac and David’s room, that should be a piece of cake and then top it off by cleaning out the pool.

  4. Nichelle, so good to hear some “good” reports from you! I have been praying for you. I sure pray this lasts. Have you changed your diet or taking any medication that might help?

  5. Hi Maryjane,

    Thank you for your prayers. Nothing has changed for meds or diet. My health does this, so far with no explanation really. I do have slight back pain, but it’s only slight and no other pain or problems. Taking the kids to the park in a few minutes to feed the ducks and play at the park. Hope you are doing well, too. Blessings.

  6. Nichelle – I’m just an average, unknown reader ;o), but it’s so good to hear such good things!!! I just had to speak up. I hope and pray that these good days are more common for you.

  7. Still going, but not so fast. I took Isaac, David and Naomi to the park by our house after school today and we got home just at 6 p.m., I too, am amazed by that. Doug was nearly speechless. Praising God for the fun we were able to have together in the lovely weather. We got to feed the ducks, geese and goslings. We were surrounded. Very cool. One of Doug’s coworkers bought us dinner from a Greek Restaurant, another blessing. Off to heat it up so we can eat. Hope to have more good health news later.

  8. Doug, admit it…I bet you STILL wear those ties!

    You went out for Greek food!! What did you have? [any/all spelling will be ignored ;)]

    Nichelle, I’m thankful for your “good day”. A WHOLE day!! And I’m praying there will be more of those coming soon.

  9. About the ties: “No comment.”

    The food was brought to us. One of my co-workers, Masha, wanted to do something for our family, so she got the food from a Greek restaurant that is next to her North Shore (Massachusetts) home. We had chicken kebabs and rice, with some sort of wonderful tomato-based sauce. (I normally don’t like tomato sauces because they are too bland, unless they are really picante, but this one was delicious even though it was sweet.)

    Unfortunately, that one good day has been surrounded by much-worse-than-usual days. Nichelle has spent most of the past two weeks in bed, not even making it out to the couch. Overall pain and swelling are up signficantly.

    I’ve got a bunch of extra projects to do, including catching up on balancing the checkbook, some major cleaning at home, opening the swimming pool, and an outside computer project. I’m feeling very swamped.

    On the bright side, I’ve had fun with the kids this weekend. NaNi amazed me by riding her bike 1.11 miles to the park, we’ve been to the Outback Steakhouse (ending months of nagging). Today I’m taking Isaac to see X-Men III and taking NaNi on a hike/picnic.

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