Submitted today:

To the members and administrators of [church name]:

At this time, we feel that if we remained at [church name], our perceived doctrinal differences would adversely affect the membership.

Although we will always treasure the relationships we have with our brothers and sisters here, we feel that we must seek out a congregation where we can continue to flourish as followers of Christ.

We respectfully request that our membership at [church name] be withdrawn.

Doug and Nichelle Wilcox, and Family

And so, one chapter of our lives closes, and a new begins …

2 Replies to “Resigned”

  1. Well, I can’t say I’m surprised, but I’m sorry it came to this. I just hope you guys are able to find a body to fellowship with that’s a little more willing to think about issues before passing judgment.

    By the way, if you haven’t heard already, e-mail me to find out about my big news…

  2. It’s been an interesting few months. Ultimately, God used a disturbing event to make absolutely clear some of the misgivings I’d had for a very long time, and we simply couldn’t continue to interpret what we were hearing from the same benefit-of-the-doubt perspective.

    We have visited a number of area churches. We have one church we very much like, and are attending most of the time now, but will still be visiting others on occasion. But I expect this one will win out, si Dios quiere. I have never seen a church which is so intent on really studying the Word of God (in context).

    The bottom line is, even though the past few weeks have been rocky, we see everywhere the blessings and work of God’s sovereignty.

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