Nichelle Then and Now: Unbelievable!

Most of you are aware that Nichelle has been healthy since early last summer, after two years of severe pain and a long list of inexplicable symptoms (and a decade of similar, albeit less severe, problems).

In addition to being the mom she’s always wanted to be, being selected from New Hampshire to compete in the National Chicken Cook-Off (which will happen in only 1.5 weeks!), and being a constant testimony to the grace of God in her life, Nichelle has been eating healthily, doing Tae-Bo (nearly every day), and weight training (4 days/week). Take a look at the results:

For more images of this amazing transformation, check out this Picasa Web Album!

10 Replies to “Nichelle Then and Now: Unbelievable!”

  1. Thats my Mom!Im glad to hear your doing alot better.I just wish I was their to witness it.I love you guys and hope your doing well.Congratulations on being selected from all of NH.Hope you win. Love John

  2. WTG…. yeah Martha, she can cook, just don’t let her talk ya into helping with the pizzas….they leave scars. and just what are you tying for Bo? It must take alot of shoe laces to loose any weight….mabe i need to get Ryan some??

  3. Thanks everyone!!! It’s been awesome. Going back over the pictures yesterday for this entry, I was really shocked to see how big I actually was. To date, I’ve lost 57lbs. with just 15lbs. to go to reach my goal. Can’t wait to get there. Will keep you posted. 🙂

  4. Just a quick update…things are still going great with the weight loss. I’m now down 65 lbs, with just 7 to go to reach my goal. Once that happens, I want to lose an additional 20 to 25 lbs. The weight training is going great and is very addicting. I’ve been at it since February and am quite excited with the results so far. I’ve added a few pics of the changes over the past several months, too, so check out the link above. =)

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