National Chicken Cooking Consolation

We had an absolutely wonderful time, meeting new people and enjoying Southern hospitality (which is not overrated). The best thing was, for the duration of the trip, my gorgeous wife, Nichelle, was treated by everyone exactly the way I have always seen her—as a star.

Nichelle and I are working on a post about the trip, and we have numerous pictures to upload. Y’all will just need to be patient.

Although Nichelle didn’t win at the 47th National Chicken Cooking Contest, all the contestants were rewarded with many gifts.

Here’s what we took home:

  • 47th NCCC apron
  • 47th NCCC large collapsible cooler (which doubled as luggage for our trip back)
  • 47th NCCC silver bowl, engraved with Nichelle’s name and state
  • Four 47th NCCC cookbooks (we ordered more)
  • Cutco cutting board
  • Cutco Kitchen Classics knife set
  • Cutco Super Shears
  • Tables of Content, a beautiful cookbook produced by the Birmingham Junior League
  • Red Diamond tea bags
  • Red Diamond coffee
  • $50 check for spending money
  • Several coffee mugs (Hey, kids, look what we brought you!—NaNi can’t wait to bring hers to my office for coffee.)
  • Numerous packages of flavored pecans (those didn’t last very long)
  • Moore’s Marinade sauces—original and buffalo wing
  • Canned pear halves, from the Pacific Northwest
  • 47th NCCC recipe poster
  • Red sash with our lovely state’s name (Come on, you know this is cool.)

I just noticed that Nichelle’s recipe has been published at the Chicken Cooking Contest site.

11 Replies to “National Chicken Cooking Consolation”

  1. You need to post a picture of Nichelle wearing the apron and the sash!!

    I am so glad you guys had fun, I had fun eating the samples during practices!!!!

    I am available for sampling next years entries as well!!!

  2. We will post many pictures, probably starting tonight.

    Nichelle is cooking the burgers for Heritage Baptist on May 20. (You can contact the church if you want to sign up.)

    She is already entering these and other recipes in upcoming contests, and we’re really hoping to get into the next National Chicken Cooking Contest in two years. Fun!

  3. Now if you have toooo many knives I could find a home! Just got a call from Mom, they are on NJ turnpike 4:30pm. So glad you all had fun. Can’t wait to see everybody May 19th, Paul Weston called and may try to make it. Love ya, Cindy

  4. Wish we were able to come too, but guess we’ll have to wait until June to see everyone! With all those cool prizes, will I get to use some to make dinner?

  5. Hey PJ,

    Of course you are welcome to cook. I’ve been looking forward to eating your cooking, especially trying one of your sauces that Crystal’s mentioned. Can’t wait to see each of you.

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