NaNi Writes Her Name

I have to be the proud parent and brag about this one. A few days ago, NaNi—who won’t be four years old until October—grabbed an old Sunday school art project off the refrigerator, took a pencil and proceeded to write her name on the back. She didn’t copy it, she just printed the correct letters.

Naomi shows off her writing.

What’s even more interesting, after months of her writing upside down capital As, is that she still hasn’t learned all her letters—she can’t even correctly name all of the ones in her name yet. She’s been able to type her name for a couple of months, and she can recognize a few letters, but we haven’t been doing anything to actively show her how to write her name.

A closer shot of NaNi’s first attempt at writing her name.

NaNi wrote these on Sunday. When she has lines, she writes her name quite neatly.

4 Replies to “NaNi Writes Her Name”

  1. What a smart kid!

    But could you please get her to smile??? (sarcasm)

    Congrats Naomi – you’ll be writing sentences, and then java code, in no time! I’m very proud of you!!! 🙂

  2. NaNi also used her first swear a couple of weeks ago. I’m sure she picked it up from Nichelle watching Back to the Future

    Thankfully she has quickly learned the lesson of what not to say, and her grammar was good.

    :: sigh :: A little bump in raising media-wise children.

  3. Now it’s time to teach her the Greek alphabet! I actually found a child’s book of the Greek alphabet, though the pronunciations given are modern, not Erasmian, which is the usual academic pronunciation of ancient Greek. Both of my grandsons now have a copy and I have started singing my brilliantly devised musical version of the Greek alphabet [set to the tune of “Oh, My Darling Clementine”]. If you get the book for her, I’ll teach you the song. I bet she’d learn it in no time [and so would you!!].

  4. What’s the name of the book? I certainly won’t pass up an opportunity to have my kids (and their parents) learn some more things from you.

    I realize our MFA trip didn’t happen in July – we were just too busy. We’ll have to set up a before-the-return-to-school date soon. Do Saturdays work, or would it be too crowded?

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