Shiver Me Timbers! Talk Like a Pirate Day Is Here Again!

‘Twas A grand, glorious day when I awoke. “Wench!” demanded I, “Where be me mornin’ grog?”

But then I learned a right powerful lesson: Be not calling a fair lass a “wench,” if’n she be stronger than thee. Painfully quick the lesson was, and quickly painful.

I woke me offspring up this mornin’ by yellin’, “Avast, ye good for nothing lazy swabs! Get out of those bunks ‘fore I have ye keelhauled!”


We had a great time talking like pirates on the way to school, and David tried to convince me that, as it was a holiday, he had the day off. I changed the words to our usual Geek song fare, “Can’t you see I’m white and piratey?” and “That Be the Power of Love.”

See last year’s post here.

Reuters covered it with this article.

3 Replies to “Shiver Me Timbers! Talk Like a Pirate Day Is Here Again!”

  1. I once wanted to see a movie about pirates, but I decided against it because it was rated “Arrr!”

    Did I use that joke last year?

    Oh well, it’s still funny! LOL

  2. When I got home last night, David ran up to me and proclaimed, “Dad! All day at school when they called on me, I answered in pirate-talk.”

    :: sniff :: I’m so proud of him.

    (Actually, I am. It takes a lot of strength of individuality to be willing to be different amongst one’s peer group.)

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