Total Cuteness

It’s that time again … I was reviewing photos and realized that the world needs more NaNi. Here she is!

NaNi readies herself for a Christmas ambush with David’s new AirZooka.

NaNi enjoys the Manchester Regional FIRST Robotics competition.

NaNi demonstrates her combat stance.


NaNi during a weight training session.

NaNi demonstrates her Xbox 360 Halo 3 ‘Tude.

Oh, here’s NaNi with our other kids. Meh.

2 Replies to “Total Cuteness”

  1. I goofed in the original post (now edited). It’s an AirZooka.

    It shoots a vortex of air up to 20 feet or so, enough to disturb someone’s hair, blow out a candle, and generally freak people out.

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