6 Replies to “This Is Why I Have to Practice Saying No Every Day”

  1. That’s so cool! Girlie Legos!!! 🙂

    Does Isaac play with them? I remember when you guys used to get the Lego catalog and Isaac would practically gag when he passed by the “girlie” pages. 😀

  2. Isaac still gags when he sees the girls’ Lego.

    We did not purchase the castle for Naomi. Thankfully practicing saying no has been effective, although sometimes it is really difficult. (the castle is also Duplo, which she’s outgrown.)

    We did get her (as we’d planned some smallish Lego purchases for the kids) a “girly-Lego” general construction set. Nichelle and NaNi have spent quite a bit of time building things, which is just adorable.

  3. Oh…. thought there were going to be pictures of ME here when I read the title…..seems to be one word a 10 y/o boy can’t seem to get a grip on

  4. Ill buy it for her….Dad you never bought us what we wanted lol And I still have that jacket for Isaac over here im tryna bring it this weekend..

  5. I sometimes wonder with which John I am communicating. There’s the John of obviously-false-observations-and-equally-false-magnanimity (shown by the above comment), the John of everything-in-the- world-is-someone-else’s-fault, or the [preferred] John of I-royally- screwed-up-my-life-but-am-finally-behaving-responsibly.

    I really like the last John; for the most part he is the one who has shown himself most readily of late, which gives us great hope.

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