The Geek Is Strong in Her

Actually, that’s my propeller beanie.

Growing up in our household, it isn’t likely that Naomi would be able to escape the culture of Geekdom that pervades it. Still, she has proven herself to be independently minded in a number of ways. For example, she has developed, without our influence, her own belief in Santa Claus, which none of the boys did. (We chose not to foist the Santa myth on the children, but she’s picked it up on her own, from television and other media, and adheres stubbornly to his existence.) She is crazy about ballet and girl clothes, and can even dance beautifully while using a hula hoop, both activities being entirely self-taught.

Still, she plays World of WarCraft (we joke that she has a level 5 Piercing Shriek) and Halo, loves Star Wars, Lego, and “Dr. Who” (although we had to cut back on the last one, as it was giving her nightmares), and reads MegaTokyo. So, here are a few of the more interesting ways she makes us smile, as we rub our hands together and laugh maniacally:

When I saw them go on sale at ThinkGeek, Nichelle insisted that I buy a Flux Capacitor replica. So, one Sunday, when I was bringing the Flux Capacitor to church to show off (we have a Geeky church), Naomi exclaimed, “Dad! We forgot to bring a second lot of plutonium!” Then, she ordered, “Mom! Get it up to 88 miles per hour!” and started chanting, “Do it! Do it! Do it!” (Back to the Future has always one of Naomi’s favorite films. It’s also where she learned to swear … and then of course not to swear.)

The other day she casually remarked, “The Mach 5 rules; the Mach 6 drools.” (Yes, we are Speed Racer fans as well.)

A few weeks ago, we went out for go-carts and putt-putt golf, and in the lot was a small, shed-like (TARDIS-like) building with double-doors on the front. NaNi called out, “Look, Dad, a time travel machine!”

And she likes science as well, including begging to go places like the Museum of Science. We were talking about the moon, and I asked her, “Where does the moon gets its light?” She responded, “From the sun.” I was thrilled, impressed that she understood reflectivity as it applies to moonlight at four years of age. Then she said, “Yeah, the sun turns into the moon at night.” We’ll keep trying …

NaNi mocks Isaac in the time-honored manner: “Look, I’m Isaac … Duuuuuuh.”

3 Replies to “The Geek Is Strong in Her”

  1. Congrats to you guys for raising such wonderful children!! Although I am not a geek…I do enjoy Star Wars….and am I allowed to say an avid Star Trek watcher…the old ones with William Shatner…lol. Take care….Luv ya

  2. AAhhhh… thought this one might have been about my beautiful wife! She, too, has come over to the geek side! She is quite upset that SPIKE has not been showing Voyager on a weekly basis lately, and can now keep up with all the Stargate series! ( I’m so proud of her!!) And all this week shes been bragging that she knew what happen on Ghos Hunters last week and I didn’t as I fell asleep……..

  3. Naomi is such a sweet little girl. Its hilarious how she can carry on a conversation as geeky as that, but she pulls it off haha. But waaaiiit a second.. we have a geeky church???? ppssshhh speak for yourself!!!

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