NaNi and Nichelle in The Nutcracker

Naomi in her angel costume and makeup from Gate City Ballet's Nutcracker.

Both NaNi and Nichelle were in a production of “The Nutcracker,” put on yesterday by Gate City Ballet. NaNi got the part of an angel, and Nichelle was one of the dancers at the party in the beginning.


The performance was originally scheduled for last Friday and Saturday, but had to be postponed because of the ice storm. Another snowstorm arrived on Friday, so two performances were set up on Saturday.

Nichelle, onstage, during the party scene.

I’d actually never seen “The Nutcracker,” although, like most, I was familiar with the music. I was very impressed with both the overall quality of the production for a relatively small ballet company, and the skills of the dancers, especially the children. Later I learned that GCB is quite well known in this area for doing such excellent productions.

Nichelle at the end of her scene.

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  1. Hey, fantastic! Please give my “hooray’s” to NaNi and Nichelle.

    And no fair posting your Nutcracker photos before I had a chance to post mine! ;P

    Hey, Happy Chanukah!

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