NaNi the Droll

A couple of days ago, Naomi said, “Dad, I made this for you!”

Naomi's whimsical airplane drawing.
Naomi’s “Whimsical” Drawing—Click to see full detail.

Inspired by Hook, Naomi drew people parachuting from a burning airplane. Guess who doesn’t have a parachute? (I love the little frown face she put on me.)

That’s one sarcastic kid we’re raising.

3 Replies to “NaNi the Droll”

  1. Doug, I think that I know why you have no parachute: Super-dads don’t need parachutes, they have super powers.

  2. Well, think of it as there were only 4 parachutes, so you sacrificed yourself for the sake of your family. And Naomi knows that this is what you’d do in that situation, and one of the reasons she loves you so much.

    However, she did put a frown on your face while you are plummeting downward.

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