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Most of you are aware that Nichelle has been healthy since early last summer, after two years of severe pain and a long list of inexplicable symptoms (and a decade of similar, albeit less severe, problems). In addition to being the mom she’s always wanted to be, being selected from New Hampshire to compete in […]

Racing rubber duckies on a subterranean river, repleat with sewage, industrial waste, and waterfalls; what more could you ask for? Visit for more information or to make a donation. You can sponsor a duck for only $5. Welcome to the World’s Highest Rubber Ducky Race. The race will be held Sunday, April 22nd, in […]

I started experimenting with Picasa’s (Google’s) free Web Albums last night. One gigabyte of storage, seamlessly integrated with Picasa, which is the free photo management software God would use if He didn’t run Linux. Check out our new Picasa Web Albums, which I’ll be updating over the next week, and which are also linked to […]

Nichelle’s health has been amazing. Actually, Nichelle looks amazing. She is doing Tae-Bo and weight training almost every day. She is absolutely transformed, to the point where that picture of Storm I posted for her birthday is truly not very different than reality. This is a far cry from the woman who two years ago […]


Posted: 4th April 2007 by LegoDoug in Family Members, Home Life, Religion/Church

Submitted today: To the members and administrators of [church name]: At this time, we feel that if we remained at [church name], our perceived doctrinal differences would adversely affect the membership. Although we will always treasure the relationships we have with our brothers and sisters here, we feel that we must seek out a congregation […]