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I started experimenting with Picasa’s (Google’s) free Web Albums last night. One gigabyte of storage, seamlessly integrated with Picasa, which is the free photo management software God would use if He didn’t run Linux.

Check out our new Picasa Web Albums, which I’ll be updating over the next week, and which are also linked to our sidebar. You can even subscribe to them via RSS!

And, here’s the photo I promised of my Mom and her fiancé, George Fortini:

And here’s another image of NaNi, the world’s cutest 3-year-old. She’s got the Wii controller in her hand, and is beating nearly everyone at bowling. This was taken at Nichelle’s birthday party in March:

6 Replies to “Photos via Picasa Web Albums”

  1. I’m confused. Are you integrating picassa into WordPress?

    I’d love to hear more about that, since I don’t at all like the native WordPress 2.X image handling.

    It’s what keeps me from upgrading to the new version. Yup, I’m still on 1.5 (the shame!).

  2. It was the WYSIWG editor that kept mangling my HTML that kept me away from WordPress 2.x, although the photo uploader is yukky as well.

    No, I haven’t integrated Picasa with WordPress, although I could, especially given the RSS feed and other public APIs to Picasa Web Albums.

    There is a really quick link-generator from PWA, though; the following image is from our Web Albums using the Picasa Web-generated code:

    Pretty darn sweet, neh?

  3. Okay, I’ve found one thing I don’t like about Picasa Web Albums – it looks like it’s not uploading my images with the modifications I’ve set in Picasa. I’ll have to investigate this over the weekend.

  4. I was wrong … There’s a new option I never noticed to “save changes,” which saves the tweaks made via Picasa to disk, and makes a backup of the original file. Once changes are saved, Picasa will upload the “correct” image.


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