Isaac is 8 Years Old Today

Isaac turned 8 today. It seems like so little time ago he was born at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, delivered 2 months early and at just under three pounds (due to Nichelle developing preeclampsia), after I made the still-talked-about mistake of having her read Ray Bradbury’s short story, “The Small Assasin.” I thought she would find it ironic, given the situation. Wrong!

BLOG Updates

The BLOG has gotten a bit older, too. I’ve added a navigation structure (10 entries per page, now), and the masthead.

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  1. When I was on the way to the hospital by ambulance (My sister-in-law, Fran came with me), Doug and Chet (Fran's husband) decided to take a slight detour to an Ice Cream shoppe (Crescent Ridge) located in Sharon, Ma (great place and highly recommended). They figured, “What's the rush?” Does anyone else see a problem with this?
    Later during my two week stay in the hospital, Doug told me to read this “great” short story. The one he mentioned earlier. Fran was appalled that he would even suggest such a thing. She probably would have hit him upside his head if she knew what he was planning. Allow me to say this: It is NOT a story to recommend you read with complications in pregnancy nor before you're ready to give birth. I can look back on the situation now and laugh, but you could only imagine my response after finishing the story.

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