8 Replies to “I Hate Safari”

  1. Let’s just consider the question how many sites officially support Safari and function as designed? I am willing to bet the answer is 0.

  2. I think http://www.apple.com works in Safari.

    The biggest problem isn’t in how basic pages are rendered (although that is a problem). It’s in what happens when more than rudimentary “I want to look at a page” functionality is desired.

    Why, oh, why, did Apple start with Konqueror instead of Firefox? (For that matter, why didn’t they just brand Firefox?)

  3. I think you know the reasons I hate Safari already. Simply put, Apple is passing off a piece of “barely beta” software as release quality. That forces good web engineers to spend lots of time and effort keeping marketing folks happy so they can claim they “support Safari” for their web applications. All the while taking that time away from supporting Firefox.

  4. The standards compliance issues alone make it a joke. There are plenty of perfectly compliant sites out there (ahem…) that have to publish ridiculous work-arounds to become “Safari compatible.” It’s like coding for Netscape 4 all over again!

  5. The fact that Safari is still alive is the biggest joke of all. Not a week goes by without me having to suffer with Safari related issues!!

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