So, You Wanna See Star Wars in Digital?

There aren’t very many digital cinemas, nationwide. There were 83, if memory serves, when Star Wars Episode I opened. We were fortunate enough to live near one.

Try this digital cinema finder, from Texas Instruments, the folks who bring you DLP, to see if there is one near you.

DLP is, quite frankly, an amazing improvement over film. I have heard that there are some theaters with a newer DLP projector that has even higher resolution.

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  1. The two closest to me:

    Loews Theatres Boston Common (47.70 miles)
    175 Tremont Street
    Boston, Massachusetts 02111

    Showcase Cinemas Randolph (59.96 miles)
    73 Mazzeo Drive
    Randolph, Massachusetts 02368

    I don’t want to see it in digital THAT badly!

    Now IMAX, on the other hand…

  2. We plan to take the kids to Randolph sometime in the next few weeks. Although Boston Commons is slighly closer, the drive to Randolph is easier, and there’s free parking.

    Rumor has it Nichelle and I will go in costume again.

  3. I see that my closest digital theater is 98 miles away in Boston.

    I’m still thinking about seeing Episode III there. 🙂

  4. Come with us! We’re probably going to Randolph, although it’s a few miles farether, it’s much more accessible.

    Togther, we can bring order to the galaxy!

  5. I just read that Dolby is partnering with Disney to add digital cinema to 100 new theaters nationwide.

    The Walt Disney Co. and Dolby Laboratories Inc. said on Monday June 27 they will install 100 digital movie systems in theaters this fall, marking the third recent unveiling of plans for digital cinema that could revolutionize the film industry. Disney and Dolby said plans call for the systems to be in place for the Nov. 4 release of Disney’s computer-animated movie Chicken Little.

    Digital screens cost about $100,000. The computer equipment required to run them adds to that cost. Part of the delay in rolling out digital cinema is that theater owners want the movie studios to foot the bill, and studios want the theater owners to pay.

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