A Crocodile Monitor on the Loose …

Today I took Isaac, David, and Naomi to RJ’s Exotics to buy some food for the critters. I too was on the lookout for a new snake. (See Jaeden Has Escaped.) As we checked out all of the cool creatures they carry, I spotted some corn snakes.

I was holding Naomi, when Isaac and David quickly came to the front of the store and I heard that a crocodile monitor had escaped. One of the employees came charging up front looking for his gloves. We were told that the front of the store was safe, but not to enter the back of the store. In the meantime, I had Isaac and David go outside and wait by the door.

Things settled down a little and at that time I had narrowed my choice of snake down to two. The monitor was still on the loose, but I finally decided which snake I wanted to buy. Unfortunately, the containers to transport the new Wilcox addition was in the back of the store with the monitor. I told the employee, not to worry, I’d come back in about half an hour or so to buy the snake then. When I returned, I was informed that the monitor had been captured, and that no one was hurt. They can be quite vicious.

So I now have a new female corn snake, which looks pretty much like this one.

See “Name That Snake” for some pictures.

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  1. First off – welcome back! I hope you had a nice vacation. 🙂

    Secondly, have you considered pets that aren’t harmful to people?

    Thirdly, congratulations on your new “baby.” I can’t wait to meet her. What’s her name?

  2. Mark,

    We had an awesome vacation!!!! The pets that we have are not harmful to people. Believe me a Crocodile Monitor is not on our list of things to have. At this point, I haven’t named my new snake yet. For her first feeding she gets a live pinky. Not my preference, but recommended. I’ll probably record that. She eats on Friday.

  3. I had forgotten how small Jaeden was when we got her. This time we’ll have to document the growth a little better.

    The new snake is a different coloration, and soooo tiny, about the width of a pencil. I looked in her aquarium this morning, and was panicked for a moment because I couldn’t see her. It turned out she was hiding down at the bottom fo the substrate, and I had to lift the tank over my head to actually find her.

  4. If you want a really exciting snake, cobras are a lot of fun; although my wife says they smell like skunks.

  5. HI Nichelle..so glad you guys had a nice vacation. Glad you found another pet…I used to catch garden snakes and bring them into mom…she was actually pretty good about it…lol. The only pet I have trouble thinkin about are the spiders…ewww… Your snake sounds very nice…congrats..luvs ya sis

  6. Hi Mike, I’ll take Beth’s word on the scent of the cobra. I draw the line at a snake that only grows to be 3 to 4 feet and is quite calm.

    Hi Martha,

    I don’t hold the spiders, but I do look at them closer than some of my friends. I’m not a real fan, but the kids love them. Isaac has asked for a scorpian and pirana–but that’s just not happening here. I told him when he has his own place then he’s welcome to get whatever pets he wants. He liked the idea of a man on the Discovery Channel that housed many reptiles and gave them the free reign in his house. That’s right, free reign. Some were in the shower others just roaming around. Isaac really liked that idea.

  7. Can you believe Nichelle passed up a chance to get a free Colombian Red-Tailed Boa? This was an animal rescue our local pet shop didn’t quite have room for. They only grow to 10–12 feet!

    Nichelle decided that she would follow the herpetologists’ recommendations for handling; one person per 5 feet of snake. Somehow the idea of having a snake that might accidentally decide to constrict one of us was too much for her.

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