Nichelle and NaNi Play Dress Up (At Clark’s Trading Post)

We spent part of the last day of our vacation at Clark’s Trading Post. Nichelle decided that she and NaNi would have one of those old fashioned photos done. (This is exactly the kind of thing my parents would never have done because (1) it might have been fun, and (2) it cost money. According to Nichelle, Naomi had a great time.

Below are the results, with some fun effects. I got tired of just the original and sepia, so I tried Lego (0fficially “Kids Blocks”) and stained glass, which I modified to look more like a mosaic. Click to view the enlarged versions.

7 Replies to “Nichelle and NaNi Play Dress Up (At Clark’s Trading Post)”

  1. ummmmmmm, doug?! i’m pretty sure if you had WANTED to have your picture taken with Mom in a dress she would have paid the money……. i know i would have! very cute pics…. can we have an big one?

  2. I LOVE Clark’s Trading Post! And I LOVE the photo of Nichelle and Nani! Very cool. But something tells me that if they lived back in the 19th Century South they wouldn’t be Southern Belle’s, but perhaps would have a different role. 😉

  3. PJ, Thanks and we can get you one. Seeing Doug in a dress, hmmm, hehehehehe.


    Unbelievable!! Interestingly enough, they didn’t have any of “those” costumes.

  4. I am in total aggreement with unkie Paul…we all might pay good cash money to see Doug in something that pretty….You look gorgeousss Nichelle…as does Naomi…Love ya

  5. I can’t wait for Doug to see these responses. Thanks Martha!! It was really a lot of fun. Especially seeing Naomi’s reaction to the dress and walking out of the dressing room and receiving many compliments.

  6. Well, if I were to dress up in a dress, it wouldn’t be at Clark’s Trading Post. Clearly marked on the door was, “Due to custom-fitted costumes, we do not allow cross-dressing. NO EXCEPTIONS.”

    Sorry to disappoint y’all.

  7. I saw the sign about custom-fitten costimes, and I didn’t buy that that was the REAL reason. They’re so cowardly to come out and say why they don’t want cross-dressing – because it’s a family establishment!

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