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  1. Mark,

    You come up with such nice names for your pets and yet for mine you give me those….how sad. Anyway, I don’t know what sex it is and honestly, for a snake, I really don’t think it matters too much. So any serious names you want to offer will be considered. 😛

  2. Thanks so much for the birthday wishes. It has been a very happy one, especially with Nichelle being healthy for the past month. I’m 37. I think that puts me about halfway to old. (I refuse to consider myself old before 70.)

    Hmmm. I kind of liked Lucifer for the name. 😉

    Thanks also for all who responded so far; this topic is generating quite a few comments, which is something I hope the BLOG continues to do.

    We actually picked Naomi’s middle name after soliciting opinions from those who read our BLOG. Naomi Nichelle won out (suggested by our friend Juan Brea in the Dominican Republic) because he thought of the perfect nickname to go with it: NaNi.

  3. ::evil laughter:: Now wouldn’t Juliana think it was cool to have a snake named after her, hmmm. I really like the name Jewel. I think it fits our new pet very nicely.

  4. Well Mark, if you could get a rat, then there’s no reason for you not to have a snake. 😛 and you are welcome to use NaNi or any of the other kid’s names. They would think it was cool, too.

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