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Tonight I was reviewing science notes with Isaac (click-and-drag to highlight my answers with your mouse to reveal them):

Q: What’s the densest element?
A: Osmium (actually, it’s a tie between Osmium and Iridium)
My answer: Fifth graderum.

I also dug up Tom Leher’s famous “The Elements Song.” You can hear it attached to a clever Flash animation here, or download the MP3 yourself.

And we had some fun because Isaac couldn’t remember:

Q: What is the most commonly occurring transuranium element?
A: Plutonium.

… which led to me mimicking bits of Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) from Back to the Future.

Doc Brown: “I’m sure that in 1985 plutonium is available in every corner drugstore, but in 1955, it’s a little hard to come by.”

Then Isaac confounded me with this one:

Q: What kind of tree did the mad scientist plant?
A: Chemis-try!

So I added:

Q: And what kind of tree did his mathemetician wife plant next to it?
A: Geome-try!

3 Replies to “Geek Humor @ H0//3”

  1. Oh…Tom Lehrer!! When Tim was in HS he loved those CDs. (There were a few lines I told him he was not to go around the house singing, however.)

    Btw, where have you been? I have YET to see you make even ONE comment on my BRILLIANT Jonathan Edwards series on Tim’s blog! Of course, nobody is making any comment on them…BUT I know that if you were actually reading them you couldn’t HELP yourself from making a comment. 😉 Shall I let Mark in on the “secret” blog?

  2. The Jonathen Edwards series is brilliant! That’s why I’m having trouble commenting on it. But I will …

    Mark already has his own secret BLOG. Let’s just keep this in our little circle.

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