Isaac, the Biographer

Isaac is now in fifth grade. He wrote this biography of Naomi for one of his homework assignments:

My Sister, Naomi

My little sister, Naomi, a cheerful little girl. Being two years old, she has different rules of posession: “If I saw it, it’s mine,” “If I didn’t want it, and saw you playing with it, it’s mine.” And Naomi’s special, “Every loli-pop I see is mine.” Naomi likes to sing along with many songs: “Jesus Loves Me,” is one of them and all the songs of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” She is very bouncy, loud, cheerful, and her vocabulary is very good. The day after her [second] birthday she greeted my dad with a “Hi, Slacker!” She constantly stands on objects and says “Look, I’m taller!” I’m glad to have a sister as Naomi is.

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  1. From my limited exposure it sounds like he hit the nail on the head. She seems like a typical 2 year old in behavior and 5 year old in language.

    When Tim was in HS he wrote a biography of HIS sister. I happened to come across it on the computer recently and got a good chuckle out of it. (Hope you’re saving Isaac’s best work!)Here’s a portion:

    “She never did anything a girl wouldn’t be expected to do, but in games with her friends she usually got the edge – even when the odds were against her. On October 3, 1980 her little brother, Tim, was born. She took advantage of her younger sibling to get in touch with her superior and demanding side.” 😉 [I’m happy to report they’re very good friends as adults.]

  2. This is precious! My dad recently trotted out an essay I had written at around that age. My was a poem about “Super Sohmer!” 🙂

    I think next time Issac should write about ME!

    I’ll start it for him…

    Uncle Mark is one of the unique individuals who was born cool. He rocks…

    I’m sure Isaac can build on that. H’s sure to get an A+++++++!

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