John: No Longer a Slacker? Eldest Wilcox Child Misses Honor Roll by One Point

I should have posted this several weeks ago, but I made a classic mistake of trying to write too much at once, to make up for the fact that I rarely write posts exclusively about John. So, here’s a more focused post:

This past quarter, for the first time in his life, John earned a report card that was quite acceptable. In fact, I believe he came within one point of making honors, thus narrowly avoiding the administration of emergency defibrillation to numerous school staff and family members.

We just got progress reports for this quarter, and overall John is still doing well, although he’s going to have to work a little harder on two subjects.

John certainly hasn’t had an easy life, and God has been working in him in a number of ways. He’s had to overcome obstacles that most people wouldn’t even imagine.

We’re very proud to see John living up to his potential—or at least much closer than ever before. We’ve always known he could excel, but I’m not sure he was always convinced of that.

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  1. It’s funny, after having spent time with John it seemed pretty obvious to me that he was quite bright! Did he not show an interest in learning on our Ancient Egypt excursion? He WANTS to know stuff…so keep it up, John. You’re headed in the direction I would expect you to go. (and just wait till our NEXT history adventure…you’ll LOVE it…you just THOUGHT you didn’t like history…;)

  2. hey bro! what good news keep it up! reach for the stars. Iam proud of you. and dont be disapointed u should be proud to be the only one in our family to get close to honors! so keep your head and eyes up always! I love you! love you sister felicia ^_^

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