Naomi: Infantile Perspectives on Divinity

Our children are constantly exposed to the knowledge of the Lord, at home and at church. At times we find their understanding of God to be inspiring. At other times, their statements can be humbling. (See our post about David: Oh, That Lord!)

Last night at dinner, we were beaming with pride when, after Nichelle mentioned we might get snow this weekend, Naomi looked up to Heaven, and said, “Thank you, God!” for the snow she hopes will come. What spontaneous and wonderful praise, especially for someone not even 2.5 years old! How exciting to see her concept of God already forming.

Then she closed her prayer with up-pointed finger, and the demand, “Okay, Slacker-Weasel!?”

2 Replies to “Naomi: Infantile Perspectives on Divinity”

  1. Now here is a DEFINITE instance of inappropriateness with a “fresh mouth”! [If I’m going to be a surrogate gm, I have to do my job, you know!]

    It can be interesting what image young children can have of God, though. A preschooler in our church was wandering around the VBS sites one summer as we were setting them up. He walked through one room and saw one of our Pastors dressed up as Pharoah sitting high up on a throne. He then went downstairs and told his mother, “God’s upstairs sitting on His throne.” From that time on, when he prayed he probably pictured our Pastor dressed as Pharoah in his mind!

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