9 Replies to “The Best Job in America: Mine”

  1. And just who do you need to thank for your career change?

    Where does “self-employed typographer who can’t get his clients to pay their bills” rank on the list? Hmmmm?

  2. Your sister is rethinking her career choices….never mind..I still can’t cut and paste an e-mail…you go bro.

  3. Yeah, Doug, we’ve got it pretty good, don’t we? Remember those days when you used to come to me for programming advice? I’ll continue to use those for leverage whenever convenient…

    At the end of even the most stressful of days as a software engineer, one has to remember that we _do_ get paid to play with computers!

  4. So…are you up to the 80.5 thou yet? Or is that just if you work in Cali? (where the cost of everything is double) You could buy a LOT of Legos with that!!

  5. I thought the cost of everything here is double—at least housing seems to be.

    Social convention forbids me from publishing my salary. Y’all will have to guess.

  6. Hey #2 is college professor- something like 95,000 jobs open/ year- but that is if you want to teach at a community college. There are about 5 jobs/year open for what I want to do. Ease of entry is the one big stinker- or college professor would be #1.

  7. Yeah, but who wants to sit a a desk all day in the air-conditioning?? when you can have a great job like mine working out in the Florida Summertime heat…. and the perks! ummmmmmmm…. gimme a inute…. I know theres gotta be some kinda perk to my job…………………
    oh yeah! i get to work OVERTIME in the Florida summertime heat! …. and we get hurricanes (thats all i got for perks!)

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