When You Sing, I See Monsters

Here are a couple of recent anecdotes involving singing:

Naomi does seem to have a good ear for music. It may be a little too good. The other night I was tucking her into bed, after our quick bedtime prayer time together, and asked her if she wanted me to sing with her. She responded, “No, Daddy, when you sing, I see monsters.”

A week or so ago after church on the church playground, Naomi and Isaac were on the swings, Isaac on one set and Naomi on another. They were both singing a beautiful praise song, and my heart was full of joy. Then, after a few minutes, Naomi decided she wanted to sing all by herself: “Isaac!” she screamed, “Let me sing by myself!” It wasn’t quite as praiseworthy.

3 Replies to “When You Sing, I See Monsters”

  1. I remember when Beth was in Kindergarten and I overheard her singing “Be A Missionary Every Day” as she was swinging and when Tim was at that same age and sang “Make Me a Blessing” in an “Amateur Night” at a resort we visited in Jamaica. Those are precious memories that can STILL make me sniffy…I’m glad you have like memories.

  2. Thats my girl. Tellin dad when he sings she sees monster. I always liked moms singin the best.lol.

  3. Hilarious. Does this mean you won’t be trying out for American Idol after all?
    Thank you Naomi for adding laughter to my day.

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