Doug and I bought Naomi the Laurie Berkner Band DVD for her birthday, and one of the songs on it is, “Moon, moon, moon.” Part of the song says that the moon takes care of her. So I asked her, “Who takes care of you?” her response: “God does; I only said the moon does because it’s in the song.”

Last week Doug brought home from work gummy eyeballs, and the kids were playing with them. Isaac was playing with his eye and Naomi’s, and placed them on the back of his head, and talked about having Mom-vision. She placed the eyes at the back of her head, and then said, “Look, I’m Isaac. I know everything. Blah, blah, blah, blah.” It was hysterical.

This morning, Naomi was sitting on the floor looking at an e-Toys catalog, and was pointing out things and saying what she wants to have. She then sighed and said, “Humph, that’s $40.”

Added November 11, 2006

This morning, while Nichelle was at the Ladies’ Tea (part of our annual missions conference at church), I was trying to get Naomi to drink milk instead of water or juice. She didn’t want it, and I explained to her that milk contained calcium and other vitamins and minerals that were important for building strong bones, like in her arms.

A while later she came up to me with a sippy cup filled with water, and said, “Dad, watch this.” She drank from the cup, and said, “See? This doesn’t go into my arms, it goes into my chest.”

Added November 21, 2006

Well, this morning as I was leaving for work, Naomi said to me, “Goodbye, Dad, don’t be a slacker … or a weasel … or a goober … like Uncle Phil!

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  1. I like the one about being Isaac. RYan comes up with some good ones once in a while. He goes around telling people we have no money (which we do, we just tell him that when he wants something). Thne not too long ago he brought home some home work, and I made him do more that what was required, with the added comment ” I don’t care what the teacher wants you to do, I want you to do it this way!”…..seems the next day he went straight to the teacher and told her I don’t care what she says…… great having kids!

  2. Hi. This is Rita Vernoy writing from Venezuela. I’ve been checking out your blog thanks to M.J. and I cant believe the Star Trek party!! How cool.I hope to make it to one of those one day! Also good to hear about the conference. I enjoy the family fotos. Say hello to the Dunns for us.

  3. I love redaing about family members. Those of us with kids enjoy hearing about the antics of other “crumbcrunchers”! I am Rita Vernoy’s sister by the way.

  4. Well, we did teach NaNi where her spleen was at a very early age, and our friend MJ taught her where her brain was. I remember when she was not quite two, I said to her, “Ah, your brain is getting bigger, you are learning to sin in new ways.” She reached up and patted around the top of her head!

    Yesterday NaNi said, “Goodbye, Dad. Don’t be a weasel like Mommy.” Then she said, “Tell Uncle Phil I said that.”

    I love the fact that she doesn’t just know what’s amusing, but she knows to whom it will be funny. Any speculation on humor and the development of a sense of humor?

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