So what do you get when you mix chicken with a lot of great ingredients?…

….a really cool opportunity to cook on TV!!! That’s what I said. I entered a cooking contest and you can read about that here: I saw the contest from 2005 and boy was I impressed. Did some searching for it and got the information and started creating recipes. I created seven in all and submitted two. Doug will be sure to mention that he had to beg and plead to get me to submit the recipe that won. The first recipe is called, “Tropically Kissed Chicken” and the one that I submitted about a week or two later is a burger recipe. Not disclosing the information on that one. :). You’ll have to wait.

This morning at around 9:30, I got a phone call and was told that the recipe I created was selected for New Hampshire. Can you imagine how thrilled I am!!! I’m still in a bit of shock over it. I will receive more information in February about this and will keep you updated. The contest will take place in May 2007 and I will be flown to Birmingham, AL (all expenses paid) for a few days. Just the excitement alone to be chosen and now to go and actually make the dish live…it’s exhilarating. So pray for me and all that will have to sample this dish repeatedly between now and the competition to get the cooking time down and so forth. Many thanks, too to all who have continued to pray for my health. I’ve been doing awesome since July and that in itself is beyond worthy of Praise to God!!

Ah, for those of you who already know the recipe that was selected, please no mentioning things here in the blog about it. If you have any questions, please send me an email. Many thanks. 🙂 And to read more about what takes place in judging, etc read here.

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  1. Congratulations! Having sampled your cooking, Beth and I are not very surprised that your recipe was chosen. Too bad we won’t be around to be “subjected” to sampling it. We are still thanking God for your amazing good health!

  2. I got to sample both of the dishes that you entered Nichelle! I am not surprised at all that one of them was selected! YUMMO!!!! Congratualtions!

  3. So, here’s the deal:

    Nichelle won’t publish the ground chicken recipe until after it’s available on the contest Web site. I think she’s being a weasel …

  4. I just caught up with the blog. Congratulations!! Maybe I could leverage your having told me the ingredients into your letting me be a “taster”. 😉 On the other hand… I remember that I’M the one who is due to have YOU guys all here. I really need to set a date for that! Man, once you make my calendar you’re golden, but you’ve got to make it onto that calendar!

    Congrats again! How exciting!! I can’t wait to hear how it goes!

  5. Hi BMT,

    You would be most welcome to be one of the tasters!! I can even bring some with us when we come up to visit with you and your family. Just let us know when. 🙂

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