9 Replies to “Merry Christmas!”

  1. Happy Messiahmas to you too!

    Okay, I love the outtake, but where’s the REAL one?

    As for Isaac, well, at least you have a few more kids, so statistically, you ought to have at least one normal one! 😉

    God bless you on Christmas and always!

    The Sohmer Family

  2. I think I like the “out-take” better than I would probably like the formal pose. I think I will print it out and you all can join my refrigerator “hall of fame”. [Ahem…since I DIDN’T get one in the mail. ;)]

    P.S. Mark and HIS family have already achieved refrigerator status…although I think I will become seasick every time I look at it. Upside down?

  3. Actually, with some editing, this out-take might be the one we use. It’s a very strong contender.

    We haven’t sent Christmas pictures out yet. I assure you, BMT, you are on the list.

    The kids have elected you “honorary grandma,” so we’re going to hold you to more frequent visits, that dinner you promised us, regular trips to the MFA, and you must accompany us to the Museum of Science. Are you free Friday?

    And, your Christmas letter was perhaps the best we have ever received. We’re having it engraved onto platinum and put up on our picture wall. (We used Mark’s to light the pellet stove.)

  4. WOW!! Look how photogenic little David is!!! Great pic…I think you should use it, ya know…for your FUN friend, like me and Scotty and even….PHIL!

  5. Quote — “(We used Mark’s to light the pellet stove.)”

    Makes me wonder what you do with our newsletter… Would you agree not to burn them if bought you a handful of pellets?

  6. So I’m not Doug, but since he used my computer haven’t figured out how to log in as myself, (ah, Cindy, right) Great visit in NH with all the relatives, can’t wait for my Christmas photo. Love you guys. (Not Doug, But Cindy!!!)

  7. Mike, come on! We wouldn’t use your newsletter to light the pellet stove. Isaac uses it when cleaning Dash’s cage. (Dash is Isaac’s male bearded dragon.)


    Click the “L/I” link at the top, and look for the Logout button. Sorry!

    Nichelle is recommending a different “official” photo. Maybe we’ll do a bunch of both.

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