The Big Dream

I was on earth second not first because I was a alien from Criptton I flew back where it was but it was not there I found my class in space heading for part of my planet they saw me and let me in bot my planet was starting to make a radioactive cloud. thats wen everyone got there puers and I found my self on earth the next day flew back to see if my class survived and I saw everyone was alive with super puers I brought them back to earth and I went back to criptton.

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  1. This from the woman who had to ask how to spell his name! LOL well, she usually watches LIFETIME aka “the Chick Channel” and I don’t think theres alot of Speilberg movies on that

  2. David has wonderful stories. At dinner Sunday, we tried to get him to re-tell this one while I videotaped it. As soon as I fired up the camcorder, he dropped all his wonderful facial and body expressions and started talking in a near monotone!

    We tried again, with him addressing Mom, and he did better. Getting accustomed to the presence of the camcorder seems to be a key difference (something to remind us that if “everyone can act” it takes practice to be natural onstage or onscreen), but we lost focus and attention a bit, so I’ll try another time.

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