The Big Dream

I was on earth second not first because I was a alien from Criptton I flew back where it was but it was not there I found my class in space heading for part of my planet they saw me and let me in bot my planet was starting to make a radioactive cloud. thats wen everyone got there puers and I found my self on earth the next day flew back to see if my class survived and I saw everyone was alive with super puers I brought them back to earth and I went back to criptton.

My Fortress

I was laying in my bed then I had a dream my dream was about a fortress today I bilt a fortress out of a blank a small chair but not to small and 2 pillows and a beanbag chair.


[Editor’s note: This is David’s first-ever BLOG post. Yes, I will get even. For the record, David is 7 years old, just started second grade, and it was a wiffle-ball bat.]

A few weeks ago I beet up my dad with a basballbat and then I threw the basballbat at the flor and my dad started to run away then he went into the bathroom. then he started to run away from me agen