Shootin’ with the Brethren

Back in September, Nichelle, Isaac, Phil, and I participating in our church’s extremely informal, annual skeet shoot. (I know not all churches go shooting together, and one certainly won’t find the Apostle Paul writing about it, but we do, after all, live in New Hampshire.)

Neither Nichelle nor I hit any of the clay pigeons with our 12-gauges. Phil nicked one or two, but didn’t really fare much better than we. Isaac, however, managed to nail three of them (putting him in 5th place for the day), with a more-his-size 410.

We also did some handgun shooting. I found that to be highly invigorating. (Translation: “Quite the rush!”) Target shooting is also a little easier than skeet shooting, so doing that last helped rebuild my shattered ego after being trounced by Isaac.

7 Replies to “Shootin’ with the Brethren”

  1. You have an interesting evangelism style. 😉

    “I find your lack of faith disturbing.” (Vader, Darth, Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope).

  2. We find that, if you’re going to ask someone, “If you were to die today, would you go to Heaven?” a handgun helps make the question of much more immediate interest.

    I hear this technique is being expanded to Japan, with a program called, “Way of the Kendo Master.”

  3. Ummmm…. not sure that giving a wife target practice is such a good idea….. “I SAID TO GO MOW THE YARD!!” *CLICK CLICK*
    Maybe you should take her to Chuck E Cheese and play “Bonk the Mole” instead??!!

  4. On a side note, Doug, I have a memory of you visiting us in NC and we all had the chance to fire my dad’s shotgun. I have a fond memory of you shooting at a stump 4′ high and 2′ wide, from 25′ away, and missing it.

    We still don’t know how you did it. . . 🙂

  5. Mike has merely proven that his own memory is less than accurate.

    The reason I missed the stump is that we were shooting cans placed atop the stump; those I hit.

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