Gas at $23 a Gallon (No, Not Here)

Now that I have your attention (the headline is explained below), let me tell you about my nephew Mike Matheson and the missions trip he is leading to Guinea-Bissau …

Missonary Kid/MK Minister/My nephew Mike Matheson. (I warned Mike I’d get even someday for the time he swiped my camera at my Mom’s wedding and put all sort of shots like this one on it.)

Mike Matheson is a missionary kid (MK) who married another MK and now works as a minister to MKs and their families with Wycliffe Bible Translators, at and around the JAARS (Jungle Aviation and Radio Services) center in Waxhaw, North Carolina.

Currently he’s co-leading a group to Guinea-Bissau, which is on the western coast of Africa. Gasoline there was averaging $23 per gallon … until supply ran out completely. (Yes, the whole country seems to be without gasoline at the moment.) Thankfully, the driver they needed for part of their trip managed to save up enough gas ahead of time to get them where they needed.

I highly recommend reading up on Mike’s trip, which has been updated whenever e-mail access allows, at the Guinea-Bissau Team BLOG and the GB Team Notes Page. You can follow the exploits of Mike and Beth and Leigh at their main ministry page.

Mike grew up in Brazil, and Beth in the Philippines. They are among the most caring people we’ve ever met, and have a real heart for working with the unique needs of MKs and their families—which they are singularly qualified to understand. (Nichelle and I think so highly of them that they are our designated choices to inherit our brood if we both kick.)

You can read more about the Republic of Guinea-Bissau via Wikipedia or the CIA World Factbook.

6 Replies to “Gas at $23 a Gallon (No, Not Here)”

  1. The funny thing about your revenge: I don’t really care if pictures like that are on the web for all to see. Some people have to worry about embarrassing pictures online hurting their credibility during a job interview: I’m a youth pastor, so pictures like that boost my credibility!
    Thanks for posting about my trip. We just got back on Saturday, safe and sound. I’ll update my website when I wake up.

  2. I found one of those embarassing photos of me on-line! Doug, I’ll send it to you and have you put it up here for me. The photographer said he’d NEVER post them on the internet!

  3. I think Congress, back in 1973, prohibited posting photos of you on the Internet or any other publicly accessible source.

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