The Photos I Promised

NaNi, on her second day riding.

This is the scene that made Nichelle all teary-eyed, NaNi taking off up the street with Isaac. (We threatened to send her off with a Brides magazine in one hand and a college application in the other.)

Cuteness, as usual.

The two weasels (Nichelle and NaNi) went to DisneyWorld without us.

Phil taught Naomi to blow bubbles. I couldn't even chew gum without swallowing it until I was 6.

Sky Venture, Indoor Sky Diving, Nashua, New Hampshire.

Isaac at Sky Venture, Nashua.

Indoor skydiving: This flight suit makes me look fat.

There’s a really amusing story that goes with this picture, but I need to wait a few years for Nichelle’s anger to calm down before I can tell it.

Isaac and David with Jim, a former sailor who served on the boomer USS Henry Clay. This was taken at the Submarine Force Museum in Groton, Connecticut, home of the world’s first nuclear submarine, the USS Nautilus.

Isaac and David at the helm stations of a nuclear submarine.

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  1. That’s so cool! I want to try the indoor skydiving!!!

    As for riding on a pink bicycle… I can pass. But NaNi looks cute doing it. 🙂

  2. Looks like you guys had a blast doing the skydiving thing! And, Doug, I’m certain it must have been a pocket of air causing you to look that way in your flight suit;-) Oh yea, and GO NaNi Go!!!

  3. “There’s a really amusing story that goes with this picture, but I need to wait a few years for Nichelle’s anger to calm down before I can tell it.”….. Doug, what did you do now? 🙂


  4. It’s yer brother … Umm, yeah, it was the suit! Couldn’t have anything to do with the ribs?? And just remember that Nani can’t crash into the big hedge like we did! Not too sure Issac and David in a NUCLEAR sub was a good idea… “whats this button do??!!” And I have a hard time believing sweet, mild-mannered Nichelle could get upset!

  5. Dang, those ribs were good! When are you coming to visit us again?

    The “drive and dive” control console (ship’s control panel or SCP) is from the SSN 676, the USS Billfish. Behind Jim and the boys you can see a Mk113 Fire Control System from the USS Lafayette (SSBN 616). To the side of the SCP is the ballast control panel (BCP) from the USS Pogy (SSN 647).

    At the end of our trip to the Submarine Force Museum, we were supposed to pick Nichelle and NaNi up at the airport. Guess who got talking with Jim (submarines have always been fascinating to me) and was, shall we say, not exactly waiting for Nichelle and NaNi when they got off the plane?

    (One interesting tidbit. I asked Jim about which submarine movies were accurate, and we talked about the dialog revision in The Abyss which avoids a glaring error about boomer operation. He said that K-19: The Widowmaker was spot-on, but that most films are not even close, although he still finds them entertaining, unlike me, who finds some of them unwatchably inaccurate.)

  6. I can’t believe that Doug hasn’t told the “story” yet…I just asked him and he’s not sure when he’ll be posting it. Will consider telling the story myself…at some point. Later today, perhaps…

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