Outsourcing the Wilcox Family: Next Stop, China

The economy can certainly make life interesting. At times, this leads to momentary tension, such as today when my boss called me in to his office to discuss some internal reorganization.

Little did I know, when I started studying Mandarin last fall that it would be so useful!

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I don’t have all the details yet, but for the next five years, we will be relocated to Shenyang, the capitol of the Liaoning province, China, where I’ll be helping to lead a software development project integrating YUI components into our existing suite. The company will pay for our relocation and intensive language school.


[Editor’s Note, April 20, 2009: There is an important follow-up to this post here. Please be sure to read it.]

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  1. If I didn’t know much about Shenyang, I might have been fooled by this… My sister and her family lived there for four years. The land of gray snow and mercury-tainted water. Sounds heavenly. At least you can get a good bowl of cheap noodles!

  2. By coincidence, my friend Shenghan Zhang grew up in this city. She says it’s changed so fast that it was nearly unrecognizable between the year she started university and getting her degree.

  3. I’m glad I saw it today, otherwise I must be fooled…haha!
    Shenyang was a heavy industry city which produces planes for the country, and other related heavy machines. That’s why it’s dirty and noisy in the past, but since 1995(if I remember right), it has been changed a lot and getting more and more lovely. You and your family really should visit it some day!

  4. So, I read this today, the 3rd, took me a moment to look back and see it was posted the first! My thought was what about Thanksgiving to say nothing of Christmas, and is Nichelle feeling up for this! Happy two days after the first!

  5. A friend of mine at school had read this entry and asked if you were realy moving to China. As soon as I could, I checked your blog and saw this entry. Not noticeing the date it was entered, I read it out loud to my mom and Chaz. All of us were about ready to cry when I saw the date it was entered.

    p.s. Chaz wants to strangle you

  6. Man… I was getting all excited for you! I was thinking, “Look at how God has prepared him by having him take the class in Madarin.” And then my brain started wondering how God planned to use you there. Except for your & Nichelle’s health issues, I saw this as a wonderful opportunity! I’m actually rather disappointed… [I admit I WAS pleased to see it was a 5 year commitment… it would be hard to lose you guys indefinitely… but then there’s always the Internet!]

  7. I read this post and thought — wow — this is what I’ve been dreaming of (so envious). Then, I saw the date on the post and finally — Homer! haha

    1. I actually would love to do this. I think it would be a fabulous opportunity for us, especially if my company were paying for it.

      I am glad you appreciated the joke.

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