Merrimack High School’s Award-Winning Star Wars Parody

We were at Merrimack High School this morning for a meeting regarding some testing Isaac had done over the past couple of weeks. It was just after morning announcements, and as we went to our meeting, the music from Star Wars could be heard coming from every room.

I caught enough of the description playing with an apparent news report to later learn that Merrimack High School had worked with New Hampshire-based filmmaker Jeff Capone to produce a Star Wars parody entitled Star Sports, that won for the Best Parody in the Fan Movie Challenge presented by Lucasfilm and Atom at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con International.

Star Sports – Theatrical Trailer

2 Replies to “Merrimack High School’s Award-Winning Star Wars Parody”

  1. I am very surprised to see a video clip about sports on your blog. I mean I know it’s Star Wars based sports, but seriously Doug, it’s SPORTS?!

    Great post though. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Give Doug a break. He’s been very stressed at work, especially considering the current project he’s working on. 🙂

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