MuscleMom Wins Big at NGA Natural Mass Bodybuilding & Figure Power Fest

Saturday Nichelle competed in her first bodybuilding competition of the season, at the excellent National Fitness Gym in Oxford, Ma. The event was sanctioned by the National Gym Association, and MC’d by our favorite hostess and natural bodybuilding promoter, Laura “Turtle” Tourtellot.

Natural Mass Bodybuilding & Figure Power Fest, May 22, 2010, Maximum Fitness Gym, Oxford, Ma.

A huge number of people help out Nichelle as she prepares for these events. There’s our friend Denise DeFelice, who accompanied Nichelle all day, and handled her makeup. Diet advice comes from a number of bodybuilders and trainers (I need Nichelle to give me all the names). Her old manager from Best Fitness, Tom, double-checked all her poses. Denise Richardson, former Ms. America (not Miss America) winner, offers advice via phone and e-mail. Then of course there are the friends and family who cheer her on while training and at the show. (Thanks, Barbara, Naviana, Toni, and Toussant!) But, in the end, it’s Nichelle who’s started with some God-given talents and desire and added a superhuman amount of hard work, especially considering only a few years ago she weighed 100 pounds more than she does now.

Seriously, this is NOT a women I would argue with.

Nichelle looked stunning and performed fabulously. The crowd, which wasn’t that large, absolutely loved her! After Laura read her biography, someone behind me commented, incredulously, “Mother of four?” I am amazed at how much she improves from competition for competition. She isn’t just beautiful and superbly “cut,” she’s also incredibly graceful and has a phenomenal stage presence.

Nichelle Wilcox, 1st Place, Heavyweight AND Women's Best Overall Winner

Nichelle placed first in her “heavyweight” category (118 pounds or above). We were ecstatic. I believe someone in the crowd was jumping up and down and yelling, but I shan’t name names.

When we were getting reading to leave, we were presented with a huge surprise. Nichelle had been awarded the “Best Overall” award for the women competitors, but a glitch had left it unpresented during the awards ceremony. At that point we were beyond thrilled!

Yes, that's our License Plate

Nichelle took six entire hours off her strict diet to eat however she wanted. We celebrated at the Jasmine Restaurant, in nearby Auburn—sadly, they do not serve 担担面. (Naomi showed off her Mandarin language skills and delighted the entire staff.) On the way home we stopped at Wal-Mart, because there were still a couple of the six hours left, and Nichelle wanted cheesecake.

Nichelle expects to compete next at the 2010 INBF Natural Connecticut Bodybuilding and Figure Championship in New Haven, Ct., on June 19, and again in New York City later in June. Of course, she also plans to be back at Laura Turtle’s Granite State Open, in Dover, N.H., in October.

Nichelle at NGA Natural Mass Bodybuilding & Figure Power Fest—Click to jump to our Picasa Web album for more photos from the event.

4 Replies to “MuscleMom Wins Big at NGA Natural Mass Bodybuilding & Figure Power Fest”

  1. Wow, that’s amazing. Congratulations Nichelle! When I consider how sick you were not too long ago, that makes this all the more astonishing. Praise God!

    I bet I can still beat you in arm wrestling though. Right before we start, I’d count, “3, 2, 1, Oh look! Cheesecake over there!!!” and when you’re distracted, I’d push your arm down. You’d fall for it every time! 😉

  2. Nichelle, you are beautiful. OMG….I need to start excersizing….dang I can’te even spell the word……love ya, Martha

  3. Hey, sis. You used to be the one who got up crazy-early to go to the gym. Does Nichelle need to take you on as a fitness training client? (She already trains a few people in Brockton …) Maybe she could give you a family discount.

  4. Thank you so much for your very kind and encouraging words. They mean a lot. FYI, Mark, the cheesecake wouldn’t distract me in the least and I’m NOT telling what could. LOL

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