Rope-Climbing Lego NXT Robot

This is the rope-climbing robot myself and ASD student Joe Cole worked on, as a competitor in the “Robolympics” program I developed after Robot Sumo was done this year.

We were hoping to modify the base to allow it to compete in robot drag racing, but there simply wasn’t enough time.

Ours was the only team to successfully complete a robot that would climb the rope, although two other teams came close. There’s a red Lego Astromech droid on top of a pole that triggers a touch sensor to reverse the robot (usually) when it gets to the top of the rope. If I’d had more time, I’d have replaced that with the ultrasonic distance sensor.

Adam White’s stripped-down speed demon completely dominated the robot drag racing event. No one stood a chance against him.

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  1. Doug, the next challenge should be a bot that can approach/climb/enter a pile of “scrap”, detect a sound, and sound an alert. This would simulate finding a survivor after a disaster (earthquake, fire, building collapse, etc…).

    Whatdya think?

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