Dungeon Seiges the Wilcox Family

After hearing Phil Luchon tell as about half a million times, “You have to buy Dungeon Seige,” I finally picked up a copy of this $30 gem. It’s a role-playing game with an emphasis on action done by Microsoft and Gas Powered Games. David and Isaac beg to play it every day (and lament the fact that, unless they supplement their computer time with educational activities, they only get an hour of game time per day). A few screen shots are below.

2 Replies to “Dungeon Seiges the Wilcox Family”

  1. [doug]Of course, the worst part is when I play multiplayer with Isaac. He's got a character at about Level 33 because he plays every day with David, and my character for multiplayer is only about level 13. With Isaac's character so powerful, my chances for “leveling up” are meager. D’oh!

  2. [david]David had to call me this morning after his daily dose of Dungeon Seige: “Dad! Now I have firespray!” (Firespray is one of the combat magic techniques the characters can learn.) Does every 4-year-old need firespray?

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