Geeks Rule!

[isaac]Isaac, now almost 9 years old, has taken up the motto, “Geeks rule!” How it happened was like this: One night at supper John called Isaac a geek, which gave me the opportunity to explain that, in our family, geek is a compliment.

[john]I went on to point out to John that most of what he enjoys in life he owes to geekdom:

  • The computer you like to use: Invented by geeks.
  • The games you like to play? Written by geeks.
  • The chat software you can’t live without? Also written by geeks.
  • The switching system that lets you talk to your friends on the telephone? Developed by geeks.
  • The standard of living we enjoy? Paid for by my own geekdom.

Isaac quickly caught on to the fact that geeks are doing the cool things in the world, and is now proud to be called one. He told me that he now prefers to say negative, instead of no, because it’s more precise.

Geeks rule!

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  1. [mark]The medical equipment used to sustain you in the ER while recovering from the injuries inflicted upon you by the jocks for being a “geek”… invented by Geeks!

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