Nada is now what happens when we turn the key on our 1994 Buick Century Wagon. It’s got about 160,000 miles on it, and has served us extremely reliably, and we aren’t quite ready to say goodbye to it. AAA is coming by later to deliver the car to our new mechanic.

At work on Friday just before leaving a great thing happened! I was modifying our demo application, and we needed to pass a parameter for a specific localization file to the right module. I coded it, cycled the server, and it worked, all in less than 5 minutes. Struts has not always been so easy, but it’s getting easier.

Naomi turned 5 months old this weekend. She is babbling more, and able to roll over now, and wants to get her hands into everything from what we’re eating for dinner to the computer keyboard. With 3 brothers, I predict her first words will be, “Mom, he’s bothering me.”

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  1. Well, we didn't cook the engine. Something in the electrical system burned out. Tom, the mechanic at Clark’s Car Care in Hudson is trying to find out exactly what, but he was able to bypass the toasted electrical parts and get the car running.
    He did identify a life-threatening oil problem, which we're having fixed, as well as a small antifreeze leak. Repairs to those things will cost a little bit more than we'd like, but much less than a new engine or a new car.
    Interestingly, this has given me the opportunity to re-evaluate my anxiety disorder. I’ve felt minimal real anxiety about the car, as opposed to the fake anxiety about the computer problem that happened a few weeks ago. I really need to build a “Life with an Anxiety Disorder” page.

  2. Well, to get the oil shaft seal fixed, replace the burned-out electrical components, fix the antifreeze leak, and repair a broken doorhandle will run just over $1,000.
    Could be worse. A new car payment (or payment for a decent used car) would consume that amount in just a few months (and would stretch our budget too close to the edge for my comfort).
    And we actually have $1,000 to pay for this, although just barely.

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