Nichelle’s Notes from May

Naomi will be 7 mos. old on 5/13…the time goes so fast. She is now mobile. At 5 mos. she started to creep, but realized rolling where she wanted to go was much faster until a week and a half ago. One day last month she was on my bed w/ me playing with some toys and a doll that was mine when I was either 4 or 5. Things were great until David came in with his sword and shield and she left the doll and played with the shield. LOL. So now on occasion she'll have a sword in hand, or mouth (check out the picture—it’s quite cute).

Isaac and David play w/ her and she grabs their hair. Now mind you, they do scream or say “ouch,” but they keep giving their hair back to her to pull, it's pretty funny. John too, does the hair thing, but doesn't scream, which is good.

Nearly 6 mos. of residency here in Nashua, amazing. We love it here! As Doug is home so much earlier now, a huge blessing. We do miss our friends in Ma., we'll be down again, really, but many times over we see why God brought us here—Particularly for the 24-hour Wal*Mart in Amherst (just outside of Nashua) or the one in Hudson (a few minutes away) that’s open to midnight everyday ;-)!! :: drool, drool :: Alright, maybe not just for those, but it's a perk. I will have to admit shopping after midnight can get a bit wacky, as my sister-in-law, Joyce, came to see. We said, we'd never do that again.

Two weeks ago now, I joined the choir and work in the nursery once a month. Doug has been going out on visitation weekly now and John too has gone a couple of times. As for other ministries we're still praying for God's leading on that. It's wonderful seeing the kids excited about Sunday school and junior church and also their classes on Wednesday night. One of David's friends in his class is named David and was born two days before him. They'll be in K5 together in September.

Isaac turned 9 a couple of weeks ago,and we had a party for him at the house. He had a great time w/ his new friends and even Nda came up for the event. Nda has been up here a few times and we've so enjoyed his visits and the visits of our other friends and family as well. Hope we'll see more of you, too.

A couple of months ago, I started watching a little girl named Mikayla (4 days/wk). She's a sweetie. She and David get along very well. Mikayla will be starting K4 in September.

For the month of July our church offers a day camp for grades 1 to 10. I'm really looking forward to that. The program sounds awesome!

Today (5/6), I was asked to watch a little boy of about 15 mos. old named Ethan. I'll only be doing this two days a week-which is great. I start tomorrow.

Wow, it's already the 31 of May … Yesterday my cap on the radiator went once I arrived at church for choir practice. The car is now in the shop. We were planning to visit Cindy, but obviously that had to change. It's alright for it gives us an extra day to get things cleaned out downstairs.

Naomi had a full bath in the tub today…which she loved. She's been creeping for several weeks now,and two days ago started pulling her legs under her to get ready to crawl. Naomi also was able to pull herself up on the stairs in the family room.

John wanted to visit his friends in Mass. and Doug took him and the kids to Lowell and road the train w/ him part way (to North Station) and then sent him on the way. John made it to Brockton, with only a minor problem due to someone giving him the wrong information about what track the Middleboro/Lakeville train was on. Well, he made it back to Lowell Sunday afternoon so we could leave for Cindy's after church. With that trip being cancelled due to the car problem, John hopped back on the train to head to his friend Ryan's party. Can't believe his 16th birthday is a few weeks away…need to get planning. Actually, he needs to get planning!

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  1. That Darned Car. Well, that blown radiator cap turned out to be the radiator drain plug. That would not have been so bad, if the cause of the problem was actually the radiator. Unfortunately, the plug blew due to the head gasket in the car being bad, and increasing the pressure throughout the whole system. $1,050 later, the car is running much better. I am very grateful this did not happen on the highway while we were on our way to CindyÂ’s house.
    So we have learned that any hesitation or overheating problem should be dealt with immediately, although I suspect that we simply would have needed a new head gasket sooner.
    The Sink. This generated much laughter from my brother, Paul, but the spray hose broke on our kitchen faucet. (It is an integrated/pull-out model, similar to the one I chose to replace it. I could not get the stupid hose off. I spent two hours, finally resulting in dissassembling the entire faucet assembly (and requiring its complete replacement), plus causing some other fittings to start leaking.
    It wasnÂ’t until putting the new faucet in (which included such adventures as “find the missing 3/8″ gasket”), that I discovered that it just might have been possible to disconnect the old hose, sparing myself $100 to replace the whole assembly.
    On the bright side, I now am the proud owner of a basin wrench.

  2. I had to entitle this entry “The hair of John” because of the bug in the blog code that doesn't let me type “John's hair.”
    When are you going to fix that Doug?
    Anyhow, I'm AMAZED that John lets Naomi touch his prized hair!!!

  3. yea my hair is the most precious thing on my see,that where why the girls like look at the movie Grease for example.How did he get the girls?his hair.This guy Mark if he didnt have his hair lok at whod he be.I can just imagine him bald.HA HA HA HA.welll thats all I gotta say for now.if any one else wannna talk bout my hair.Just hit me up.

  4. yea sorry bput my spelling in that one i was on the phone.Guys ya know what im talking bout.

  5. You could add your own string parser triggered on the onChange event for the title field …
    And when I click on the photo of Naomi, it works perfectly. Are you using a popup blocker that prevents functions from executing?

  6. Now Naomi's picture works fine. Perhaps IE had something stuck in its cache???
    Care to help me re-write the string parser? I'm not the code expert that you are.

  7. yea i got a spellin problem.But if ya wannna talk trash come get some of this on the phone.(603)886 5225.

  8. look i dont like geeks because their short people and theyre way 2 smart. Now their nothing wrong with being smart but I mean who spends all their life on stupid atoms and electrons and all those dumb things that i hear in science class. I mean common.

  9. john will never work at mcdonalds.he'll be enjoing life while u have a palpitation on tring to fix all ur commputer problems . my brother is smart and gifted.

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