I got to go out on a Saturday and shop … amazing!!

This afternoon we left to drop Isaac off at his friend Cody’s house, which also gave Naomi and David the opportunity to use Cody’s trampoline (which Doug did tape for future viewing). Thank you, Langlois family.

I had an opportunity to chat with Cody’s Mom, too, which was great. Once we were done there, we went to Wal-Mart. Big deal for me, I actually managed to pick out clothes and shoes and try them on, while Doug took David and Naomi to buy the other items on the list. It was getting a “bit” unbearable by the time I hit the shoe aisle, but I was able to make it through the rest of the store, before the awful pain hit my back and legs. Naomi and I made it back to the van, extremely slowly, while Doug paid for the carriage full of items that we needed. I’ve needed several breaks since being home, but I’m still going, perhaps not as strong as earlier today, but still going, and that in itself is a huge blessing.

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  1. And, Nichelle made it to church on Sunday!

    We had an afternoon service (instead of an evening one) with a cookout in between. Nichelle spent the cookout time asleep in the ladies’ fellowship room, but that allowed her to attend the afternoon service as well.

    After that, she was still somewhat mobile, although I think she pushed herself too hard.

  2. After Nichelle’s weekend of “big activity” (for her), she’s wiped out. She slept most of yesterday, and is definitely sleepy and groggy today.

    It does seem that even small activities with rests in between have a lingering effect over the days that follow.

    However, last night Nichelle was able to do a small amount of swimming.

  3. I have been encouraged by Nichelle’s appearances at church the last few weeks.
    Nichelle, when you are at church my heart just rejoices to see your smiling face and to see you feeling well (for the moment anyways). THAT alone is an answer to prayer.

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