So he reached for the wrong can … he’ll be fine!

One day this past week, David wanted to make a fried egg for lunch. Which is not a problem; both he and Isaac have been making them for some time now. After this particular time, I had come out to the kitchen and found the can of air freshner close to the stove. So, I calmly asked David what he had sprayed the pan with to make his egg. He was puzzled, and then when I had shown him the can, he realized he grabbed the wrong one. It was so cute. I asked him how he was doing and if his egg tasted funny, but he didn’t seem phased at all by the Cinnamon Sticks “flavor” he had with his meal.

Naomi has been adding extra drama to her tears by covering her eyes when she cries to over emphasize her grief. One of her great lines of late has been, “It’s OK,” or “Don’t worry, I can do it, I’ll be fine,” no matter what the situation may be.

3 Replies to “So he reached for the wrong can … he’ll be fine!”

  1. David may very well have invented a new way to make a fried egg sandwich without the house smelling like a rotten eggs, if you know what I mean. Also, I hear cinnamon fights bad breath. It may very well come in handy a few hours after eating the egg as well. So kudos to David for being resourceful, even though he didn’t mean to. Down with Pam, up with Glade!


  2. Flavor sprays are the new thing, David didn’t know about and just came up with it on his own, so to speak. After watching one of the cooking shows you can actually get candy sprays for veggies, so the kids will want to eat them, the creator said. It was interesting. Right now they are working on the flavor of french fries, it’s taken them a while to put that one together though. I was amazed at the list of sprays this company offers. It’s an interesting idea.

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