Vacation’s Over: Back to School

:: sigh :: No more carefree days filled with playing Halo 2 for Dash …

Well, summer’s over, and we’re all back to school, except for Nichelle.


That’s right.

While Isaac and David are in school, Nichelle is taking time each day to work on letter recognition, shapes, and other skills with NaNi.

And, I’ve enrolled in a graduate certificate program in Software Engineering, offered by Boston University’s Metropolitan College, which should keep me busy enough to stay out of trouble. I’ll be taking two courses simultaneously for the next 14 weeks: Software Engineering, and Object-Oriented Object-Oriented Analysis and Design. In the spring I’ll grab another two. Best of all, the classes are taught on-site at Kronos, and the whole program falls under Kronos’ tuition reimbursement program.

In Software Engineering, I’m working on our class project with three co-workers I’ve worked closely with before: Stephan Arsenault, RaviShekar Gopalan, and Doug “JavaDoug” Ross. We’ve decided to build an online shared calendar program, tailored to families, and we’re building it in Ruby on Rails, probably with a MySQL backend. (I should get a BLOG up this weekend to chronicle that effort.) It’s going to be fun!

So far, Isaac and David are doing great at Tabernacle Christian School. Isaac’s attitude toward school and homework is much improved, and David is as eager and happy to be in school as ever.

3 Replies to “Vacation’s Over: Back to School”

  1. Wow, Doug, keep these software engineering classes up and even I’ll have to admit that you’re geekier then I.

    Nice shot of Dash. No pictures of Jewel???

  2. I’ll hold you to that admission when I finish my two classes in the spring.

    You should have seen the huge (relative to her) mouse that Jewel consumed this weekend. I was amazed. Even cooler, it was alive; not a mouse-sicle.

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