Back Home and Charged Up About .NET

I just got back from Kronos’ first-ever Technology Summit. It was a great event, filled with very useful mini-seminars, and mostly free of the “fluff” that seems to plague most corporations’ attempts at such an event.

At any rate, the last seminar I attended was run by a Microsoft consultant, and opened my eyes to just how cool .NET is, and how radically different it is from other Microsoft our-way-or-the-highway approaches to technology.

I’m going to give the ASP .NET Web Matrix Tool (a free product, although the full Visual InterDev .NET is available as trialware) a whirl, if I have time.

3 Replies to “Back Home and Charged Up About .NET”

  1. So much for being charged up. After installing the .NET Web Matrix tool, I have yet to do anything with it. D’oh!

  2. I've tried the Web Matrix tool. It's nice, especially those code-snippet bar things. Still hasn't torn me away from EditPlus (, but it's pretty nice. I'd like to have seen Intellisense, but I'd be afraid that it would bloat WM up, just like the rest of the MS products…

  3. Ah, Edit Plus: I canÂ’t think of another $30 IÂ’ve ever spent that has made me more money. IÂ’ve even tied it into a JDK for my pre-Eclipse Java work. The ability to define custom file type and cliptext add-ins is unsurpassed, as is its ability to commandeer the View Source command in IE 5.x+. (Netscape 6.x still doesnÂ’t implement line numbers in its View Source, which doesnÂ’t surprise me a bit.)

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