Of all the stupid things …

Yesterday I went a little out of my way on my way to pick up a package from www.thinkgeek.com at Airborne in Newton, just so I would have the item I ordered to bring into the office today, instead of waiting for it to be shipped to my house today.

This item would have assured my dominance in the hierarchy of Geekdom—although Kevin Miller would probably argue that I need not worry about my position in that respect.

Anyway, the item was indeed as cool as I expected, but guess what I left at home this morning!?

Any takers on guessing what I actually ordered?

4 Replies to “Of all the stupid things …”

  1. For crying out loud, what did you get from ThinkGeek?! And, btw, if you've never seen ThinkGeek before now, you don't read enough /. ! ;?)

  2. I actually spend much time reading. What I should probably be doing is slashdotting more. Of course, I’m more likely to game than to surf, which may be a character flaw.

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